Business Setup Services

Looking to set up and need help with your company in Dubai? We are a group of talented and inspired people at FSG Apps & Tech who are familiar with the know-how to set up your company in your most preferred destination. For start-ups as well as existing firms and organisations of all sizes, Dubai is a safe place for investment.

What do we do

We support entrepreneurs/start-ups and international companies at FSG Apps & Tech to develop their company in Dubai, offering a full bouquet of accounting, tax, legal and financial services.

  • We help you in setting up
  • Public/Private Limited Company
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • General Partnership Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Joint Venture Company
  • Professional Company
  • Public/Private Shareholding Company
  • We provide Customised Business Set-Up Services including
  • Assistance in the identification of a suitable business structure
  • Company Formation & Licencing
  • Accounting & Payroll Services
  • Banking Assistance
  • Facilitating various regulatory approvals
  • Investor Rights Protection
  • Strengthen business processes
  • Taxes and compliances
  • Business growth and advisory services
  • Value-Added Services
How do we work

Business Setup is a task that needs various compliance criteria. We will provide unmatched and skilled company setup services in the UAE at FSG Apps & Tech, catering to custom solutions. We will personally direct clients in Dubai or other UAE emirates through the most effective business setup solutions. We will also provide you with Virtual Visa Office, Ejari and more.

  • The process of getting your business set-up in Dubai or UAE usually covers
  • Choose the Trade Name for your Business
  • Determine the Type of Business
  • Choose a Business Activity
  • Draft a Memorandum of Association
  • Submit Required Documents
  • Get Approvals
  • Get Started
  • We work closely with all government agencies and make all these processes easy and quick. All you need to is
  • Send Us A Quick Enquiry
  • Book An Appointment
  • Speak with our Business Consultant
  • Submit Required Documents for Approvals
  • Get Started